Here’s what our clients say about Reco Decoration Group Inc.

Need To Get It Done On A Certain Timeframe, They Do It

I’ve known the RECO Team for over 20 years. Over those years I’ve had many great experiences with RECO, some at Douglas College, SFU, Langara College and actually every other place we’ve worked together. My overall experience with them is, when they give you budget and timeline; they meet those all the time.

I remember Once time, at Langara college, Reco converted a Tim Horton's into a full Tims over the two week Christmas break, a $300,000 construction job, it wasn't easy. The College was closed for 2 weeks over Christmas to the time we opened January 7th, It was completed! It’s this kind of consistency for over 20 years that I’ve come depend on, they they have consistently exceeds my expectations.

Once a budget is set they never nickel and dime you. They never change orders. We like that we can show them the cost, get a budget and that’s what they bill us at the end! No Surprises at all, it’s perfect.
They Keep on Budget, Work on Tight Timelines, whether it's a drawing or any deadline, they're always efficient.

My overall experience with them is, trusting and consistency in a professional capacity. When they give you budget and timeline; they meet those, all the time. The way they manage building permits for each project and the regularity process is impressive.

The Value RECO Adds To Projects

Reco is reliable. They do things on budget and most importantly within the timeframe they promise, that's the value they bring.

Reco Is Reliable And We Can Trust Them

For me the number one standard to consider when working with a Design & Build Team is reliability. When I asked my Colleagues who they use for Renovation Projects, Reco Decoration was referred and recommended. I quickly found out how come they have a good reputation. They take care of you, they care and it shows. When we need something little done Reco is there for us, when we ask for help they show up.

Whenever I need a drawing or a rendering done for a client, Reco just gets it done at NO extra CHARGE! Where can you get service like that? RECO, that’s where…On top of them doing the drawings and designs for me, when I ask for design changes they do them, no fee. This puts a smile on my face & makes my job easier with clients when we have a concept drawing. Reco is reliable, we trust them.

Reco is the Best

The Reco Team does what they say they will and are always making sure they communicate the steps being taken.

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