Budget Proposal

Cost estimates to meet project needs

Project Planning

Determine steps needed to complete project

Permit Application

Ensure the project has all the needed permits

Resource Allocation

Ensure materials and budget needs are met

Project Management

Ensure project is on time & on budget

Completion & Deficiency Follow up

Ensure project fulfills quality standards

General Contracting Process

By using us as your general contractor you get our customer assurance warranty too.

🚧 Tender and Construction Budget

We want the opportunity to build your project. The process starts with a cost estimate from blueprints and material take offs. 

Our project management team meets with you, to find out how the space will be used; to get an idea of the preferences and budget.
We’ll take a look at all the documents that have been prepared in the previous Construction Drawings page.

All the information will be collected and analyzed during the Tender and Budget phase.

Tender and Construction Budget means the scope of work which includes, but is not limited to:

  • conducting research
  • interviewing all parties involved
  • receiving and analyzing feedback
  • evaluating existing documentation and conditions


  • identifying and analyzing the needs and goals of the client and/or occupant(s)
  • analyzing the space
  • assessing project resources and limitations
  • identifying life, safety and code requirements

As the General Contractor you will work with your Designer and the designer will work with the build crew who will see the project to completion as you have planned.

Tendering and Budgeting is a phase where the Designer administers the Client’s Contract for Construction with the General Contractor.

A successful construction project depends on careful Contract Fulfillment.

The scope of work of the Designer includes, but is not limited to:

  • representing the Client’s interests during construction
  • reviewing shop drawings of building components
  • visiting the site
  • attending regular progress meeting

🚧 Permit Application

With over 30+ years in the business we’ve been able to assist our clients with permits throughout Western Canada.
Each City has it’s own process when it comes to issuing permits, time lines vary and we’re here to assist with the guidelines, forms, submission, inspections, reviews, etc. 

Building permits ensure that the municipality has record of all development in the community in order to protect the interests of both the individual and the community as a whole. A building permit regulates construction so that health, fire, structural, and general safety standards are met.

It is illegal to start work without a permit. Anyone who starts work without a building permit is in contravention of the Building By-law and the Building Code Act and is therefore subject to financial and legal consequences. We will follow the correct process and keep you up to date every step of the way.

⚙ The Build

🚧 Trades Consultation and Coordination

We are here to ensure that the hard work of managing people is on our shoulders and the work gets done.

We will communicate with all the possible trades and Coordinate the construction process to ensure a smooth project build.

🚧 Project Management

Our Specialty is project management; we ensure that as a project manager we are on the same page when it comes to the Vision, Goals, and Objectives of the build. Our Desire is a build with as few issues and difficulties as possible.

We will meet with Stakeholders and manage every detail.

Stakeholders could include:

  • Clients
  • Vendors
  • Internal management
  • Leaders in other departments
  • Individual contributors to the project

Gather specs and requirements

  • Success factors. (How do you know if this build was satisfactory?)
  • Test specifications (such as how the test will be administered)
  • Reports on the test and the success factors.

Make The Project Plan

Before you create the project schedule, you must consider what specific steps need to be done.
We've got the construction drawings now we need to put all the pieces together in a timely manner and on budget.

Don’t forget about risk management and how you will handle any issues or change requests that arise. You’ll also want to define the project scope in your project management plan so nothing goes off the rails.

    Create The Project Budget

    We help you with the following:

    1. The construction cost.
    2. Approvals fees.
    3. Planning costs
    4. Financing costs.
    5. Site investigations.
    6. Fixtures, fittings and equipment.

      Allocate Your Resources Create a schedule

      • Set start and due dates
      • List estimated time
      • Use native time tracking or your preferred integration
      • Set dependencies
      • View in a Calendar or Gantt Chart

        Set your communication plan

        A communication plan plays an important role in every project by:

        • Creating written documentation everyone can turn to
        • Setting clear expectations for how and when updates will be shared
        • Increasing visibility of the project and status
        • Providing opportunities for feedback to be shared
        • Boosting the productivity of team meetings
        • Ensuring the project continues to align with goals

            Decide your communication method

            There’s no single right way to communicate on a project. In fact, your communication plan can and should include a variety of communication methods. Here are a few to consider:

            • Email
            • Meetings (in-person, phone, or video chat)
            • Discussion boards
            • Status reports
            • Collaboration apps
            • To-do lists
            • Surveys

                Monitor Progress

                You need to know what's going on every step of the way we will monitor the process and communicate regularly. Having a team like ours ensures you are doing what's important in your business.

                      🚧 Completion and Deficiency Follow up

                      Your Project Manager wants to reduce any possible deficiencies and will work towards reducing them throughout the management of the project. At the end of the Completion phase our team will walk through the project site and assess any deficiencies and ideally address each of them before your final walk through and signoff on the completion of the project.


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