Design Consultation

Developing the vision

Material & Furniture Selection

Contract administration participation

Concept Development

Develop the concept ideas for the space

Site Measurement

Take measurements to ensure smooth process

Space Planning

Define circulation patterns 

Construction & Permit Drawing

Design, Construction & Legal Requirements

Design Process

Developing the Vision

🖊  Design Consultation

Our Designer usually meets with you, the Client, to find out how the space will be used; to get an idea of the preferences and budget.
The Designer also will visit the space to identify character attributes of the space and potential constraints & problems.

Additional information will be collected and analyzed during the design idea phase.

At the Design Consultation we identify the scope of project which includes, but is not limited to:

  • conducting research
  • interviewing and creating questionnaires for all parties involved
  • receiving and analyzing feedback
  • evaluating existing documentation and conditions
  • identifying and analyzing the needs and goals of the client and/or occupant(s)
  • analyzing the space
  • assessing project resources and limitations
  • identifying life, safety and code requirements

It is essential to do a thorough onboarding before proceeding with Design Development.

🖊  Concept Development

Concept Development is the first phase of our design process and begins with the concept creation and representational design.

After Design Consultation, the Designer will initiate design development based on the goals and objectives discussed in the consultation meeting. A conceptual design will then be presented to the client with inspirational imagines for feedback and approval.   

The Concept Development stage is where we program, schedule, pick the best method, problem-solving and a creative visualization of the ‘BIG IDEA’.  This is the phase where the creative side of the Designer is maximized.

Although some design issues will continue to be refined, resolved or modified during the presentation and finalization phases, the primary achievement is to assist the Client to understand how the project will function as well as give the Client satisfactory level of details

🖊  Spacing Planning

Space Planning is an exciting and fundamental element of a design project.

At the Space Planning phase, the Designer will analyze how the space will be used. Based on functions of the space and circulation patterns, the Designer will design a floor plan that maximizes usable space, operational efficiency and customer experience.  

The Client will have an opportunity to seriously review the floor plan and provide feedback and suggestions. The Designer will revise the floor plan to ensure it meets the requirement for the business.  

🖊  Material Selection and Specification

Reco Design & Build have been developing relationships  with quality suppliers for years. We will propose materials that work the best around your budget including flooring, wall, millwork… and more and present the material selection and specification design to the client for review and final approval. Once the material selection and specification is approved, the Designer moves to the Furniture Selection and Specifications.

🖊  Furniture Selection and Specification

 Just like Reco has been developing relationships  with quality material suppliers for years. We have also developed relationships with furniture designers and manufacturers too. We will show you what we believe will be the perfect fit for your space, alternately,  we can recommend or use your preferred suppliers. We plan and propose what kind of look and feel you want for the materials and present the furniture selection and specification design to the client for review and final approval. Once the Furniture selections and specifications are approved, the Designer moves to the Design/Permit drawings. 

🖊  Design/Permit Drawing and 3D Rendering (Optional)

In this phase we go over the details and requirements for the construction Project. The Design/Permit Drawings & Documents include Drawings and Specifications which establish in detail the quality levels of materials and systems required for the Project.

The design/permit drawings and specifications might include the following:

  • Floor Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Equipment Plan
  • Finishing Plan
  • Detailing plan
  • Elevations and Sections

The Designer may collaborate with other licensed practitioners in the technical areas of architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural as required for regulatory approval.

The designer can also provide 3D rendering to help the client to visualize the space before moving to the construction phase. 

🖊  Site Measurement

We measurement everything on site to ensure the construction and build run smoothly.  After we completed the site measurement, a detailed construction drawings will be completed.

🖊  Construction Drawing

The purpose of construction drawings (also called blueprints, plans, or working drawings)  is to show what is to be built, while the specifications focus on the materials, installation techniques, and quality standards. 

Here we will provide the final architectural plans and specifications, and engineering plans and specifications, for the real property improvements to be constructed by Landlord in the Premises in sufficient detail to be submitted for governmental approvals and building permits and to serve as the detailed construction drawings and specifications for the contractor, and shall (i) include, among other things, all partitions, doors, HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems) distribution, ceiling systems, light fixtures, plumbing installations, electrical installations and outlets, telephone installations and outlets, any other installations required by Tenant, fire and life-safety systems, wall finishes and floor coverings, whether to be newly installed or requiring changes from the as-is condition of the Premises as of the date of execution of the Lease; and (ii) comply with all Law as applicable and as interpreted at the time of construction of the Tenant Improvements, including all building codes;

This phase, we will provide a full construction drawings and specifications, and any required engineering drawings, specifications and calculations (including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, air-conditioning, ventilation and heating), and shall include any applicable items described above for the Space Plan, and any other details or features requested by Architect, Engineer or Landlord in order for the Construction Drawings to serve as a basis for Landlord to approve the Work, and for Tenant to contract and obtain permits for the Work.

Once we reach this Phase, its obvious to have a positive working relationship with your designer, (the person you’ve spend countless hours with and who has the your projects vision in mind,) so you may as well have them see the project through to completion. Instead of outsourcing the build to another general contractor, we can be the General Contractor. We manage every aspect of the project as soon as the drawings are completed. Even if you’ve got the plans drawn up with already we can step in and see the project to the end.

When we the project is completed, you’ll get as-built drawings in PDF and CAD formats for your files. In the as-built we also include the electrical plan, sprinkler plan, power/communications plan, ceiling plan, furniture layout and elevations.

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