Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work do you specialize in?

We specialize in commercial builds including restaurants, retails, premium offices, and supermarkets.

Have you done a restaurant renovation or build before?

Yes, we have done many food services including full-service restaurants (Chinese & Western), limited service restaurants, cafeteria, food court and more.

Can I have the names of the people you have done work for and will I be able to go to see the work you’ve done?

Yes, please see our project gallery sections for our past exciting projects.

Projects involved:

  • Hospitals
    • Burnaby
    • Royal Columbia
    • Children & Women
    • BC Cancer Agency
    • Surrey
    • Peach Arch
    • Victoria General Hospital
    • Royal Jubilee
    • Delta
    • Chilliwack
    • Ridge Meadows
  • Institutions
    • SFU
    • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
    • Douglas College
    • Langara College
    • British Columbia Institute of Technology
    • West Point Grey Academy
    • Handsworth School
    • Selkirk College
    • GVRD
    • Greater Vancouver
    • Shanno Oak Care Centre
    • Lucas Centre
  • Retail
    • Choices Supermarket
    • Super Store
    • Budget Food
    • A.G. Food
    • G&H
    • Shop N’Save
    • The Bay
  • Food Services
    • Bread Garden Café
    • Starbucks
    • Tim Horton’s
    • Second Cup
    • Church’s Chicken
    • Garden Fresh
    • Quiznos
    • Triple O’s
Will you use your own crew for the work or will you subcontract all or part of the job?

Yes, we have our own design team, mill-work team, Design & Build crew, and a fleet of delivery trucks. We also have affiliated professionals including architects, mechanical engineers, building code consultants, and environmental assessment professionals. All sub trades we work with are fully bonded and licensed.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1990.

How would you handle a specific problem related to a project?
Experience creates experts. Every project has difficult circumstances require knowledge and experience to resolve. To name a few:

  1. Environment concern such as venting hot air and odor, acoustic disturbances, extreme weather, etc.: At the early planning stage, these factors are considered. A proper solution will present to customers. In case of an unforeseen problem, we will turn every stone to find the best solution.
  2. Placing must have equipment in a very limited space: with the lowest possible cost in mind, either by changing the equipment or modifying the space.
  3. Municipality requirement for building outlook: height and look of the rooftop exhaust fan and make-up air unit. On a few occasion, we need to build a house to cover them.
How will you deal with the health and energy efficiency aspects of the job?

Our business partners are experts in their fields. From pest control to solar panels. Vancouver is one of the greenest city in North American. We are determined to put in the effort and keep up with the standards.

How and when do you clean up, particularly fine dust?

Our standard procedures are as follows:

  1. Cut off all air circulation equipment to prevent fine dust getting caught up in the circulation system such as HVAC.
  2. If possible, placing an exhaust fan in a window of the space you are working on, making sure the fan blows out of the room and it will disperse quickly (not affecting your neighbor).
  3. Remove as much furniture if possible, if not cover it with self-sticking plastic wrap.
  4. Carpet will be covered with the self-adhesive plastic film which should cut down on the fine dust from becoming embedded in fibers of the carpet for months to come.
  5. Finally, cover all ductwork and vents with plastic, and tape them closed.
Do you carry workers compensation and liability insurance?

Yes, we have WCB coverage plus $5,000,000 liability insurance.

Will you provide a written contract?

Yes, we will provide written contract as well as detail estimate.

Will you take out all required permits (e.g. building, plumbing, electrical)?

Yes, you can rest assured we can handle all require permits. In term of restaurant new build, we provide full consulting service from start to end including building permit application, signage, company registration, liquor license, Vancouver Coastal Health (Health operating permit,) music & entertainment licenses, etc.

Are you knowledgeable about the specific requirements restaurant kitchens must be built to meet?

Yes, we work closely with electrician and plumber to ensure specific requirement are met for restaurant kitchens. In most cases, Vancouver Coastal Health concern about food preparation equipment and Building Review Branch inspector concern about the cooking equipment. Any equipment connects to an energy source (electric, natural gas, LP) must meet Canadian Safety standards. Some special equipment coming from overseas will need to be certified and approve to use in Canada.

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