About Reco Decoration Group Inc. a.k.a

“Reco Deco”

Commercial Design & Build Company
“A full-service Design & Build company.
Done right & on time”

We Specialized In

Retail And Supermarket Projects

Commercial And Institutional Sectors

Food Services



Government Services

Over the years, our hardworking teams (Design, mill-work, Design & Build, & project management) tackled many high profile commercial projects with top quality results.

Reco Decoration Group Inc. is a company equipped with diverse operations in providing a full range of Design & Build services including design, management, millwork, finishing work and upholstery.

Since 1990, Reco’s business has expanded across the Western Canada, and specialized in retail and supermarket projects, as well as commercial and institutional sectors, such as food services, schools, hospitals, and government services. We have been persisting in delivering our Promises and Commitments to our clients – Right Time, Right Budget and High Standard.

We place our clients as our first priority. We strive our best to ensure our clients are given our utmost care and attention to their projects, and also our professionalism to meet their projects’ needs.

With close to 30 years of Design & Build expertise behind us, we are ready for any project size. With an open collaboration approach, we interact to create products & services of economic value to our customers and partners. To lead or to work with, we want to be part of every great build. We go every corner of beautiful British Columbia as well as the friendly neighbor of the North West of United States.

— Core Values —

  • Safety: Fully insured (5,000,000+) and risk analysis protocol
  • Teamwork: Flat management structure unlocks team potential.
    We foster the whole team, not an individual.
  • Corporate culture: A value above all “Transparency.” From top to bottom, transparency prevents miscommunication. Clear communication creates a great team. A great team completes a job flawlessly.
  • Commitment: “There is always a better way” Every customer and every project is unique, never stop looking for ways to save money and time. That’s our commitment to customers.


We offer Internships for the carpenters, designers, Design & Build workers, and engineers. Ask us about it.

Here are some quick points about how we operate.


Commercial Interior Design & Build industry

We work in the Commercial Interior Design & Build industry. We are known to be “EXTREMELY” detailed in our estimate process. Customers get the complete picture each step of the way, and we do the work. We offer flexible contract models, with a stop anytime guarantee.


19,000 Square Foot Facility

We have access to a Fully equipped 19,000 sq. ft. mill-work + designer office facility integrated, enable fast and reliable mill-work production.


Responsive Staff

Our staff is trained to respond to customer requests ASAP. Our policy is to communicate regularely and not leave our customers and business partners hanging.


Our Portfolio 2021

Check out the most recent portfolio with full description of Reco Deco and a lot more pictures from past projects!

Years Established

Completed Projects

Client Testimonial

The Value RECO Adds To Projects

Reco is reliable. They do things on budget and most importantly within the timeframe they promise, that's the value they bring.

Reco Is Reliable And We Can Trust Them

Every time I deal with Reco, I feel very comfortable and there's security there. I can rely on them & I trust them.…

Reco is the Best

The Reco Team does what they say they will and are always making sure they communicate the steps being taken.

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